Announcing: the HardDrive

SportCrafters HardDrive Prototype

At Interbike 2013, SportCrafters introduced the Omnium Trainer – a completely new concept serving travelling cyclists and race athletes. This year, SportCrafters is giving the industry a sneak peek at another new concept that will substantially change our expectations of what a stationary trainer should be.

The SportCrafters HardDrive Trainer (patents pending) will be the first trainer to eliminate the Tension Knob, and replace it with a simple system that both reduces tire wear and ensures that the tire will never slip.

The following is a description of key benefits for the cyclist:

  • No tire slip and less tire wear: In place of a Tension Knob, the SportCrafters HardDrive uses a system that automatically adjusts the compression on your rear tire depending on resistance. Most other trainers require you to aggressively pinch the tire in order to avoid slipping at higher power, but that quickly wears out the tire. The HardDrive only compresses as much as it needs at all times to avoid slipping. No more trial-and-error adjustments to find the proper tire compression. This trainer can handle even the most powerful sprinters.
  • Adjustable progressive resistance: The HardDrive is easily adjustable for the type of desired workout. A manual adjuster gives the cyclist a choice of resistance curve that resembles real-life power from a tailwind on flat road to a sustained climb on a steep hill.
  • Realistic inertia: HardDrive’s automatic compression feature provides a more realistic inertia feel than any other trainer because it responds dynamically to sudden changes in power eliminating the need for a heavy flywheel.
  • Portability: The trainer folds flat for easy transport and storage.

Visit the SportCrafters Interbike booth (#34169) for product demos. The HardDrive Trainer will be available for the fall training season in 2015, with an estimated suggested retail of $499.00.

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