5 Reasons Why This Relationship is Our Business

We’re all out there looking for the same things: commitment, trust, we want to feel appreciated, and we want to be heard. 


This is what we strive to offer all of our customers - because we do more than sell product.  We build relationships that we want to last.

You Light Up our Life

We know it sounds cheesy, and we’re okay with it.  You are the reason we get to come to work every day, and that fact is never lost on us.  When a customer contacts us with a warranty issue, or has a special need that we can address, we drop what we’re doing and figure out a solution.

Open Communication is Key

Nothing is more annoying than when you can’t find an organization’s contact details, or when you have to talk to 6 different people before finding the one who can help you.  We think that’s crazy – you are the most important person we could talk to all day!  We clearly list our phone number and direct email addresses on our website, along with a photo so you know who you’re talking to.  We always want to hear from you.

We Take the Good with the Bad

When a customer contacts us with constructive critical feedback, we never sweep it under the rug.  This relationship is not a one-way street; we are not just here to push out product.  If a comment leads to an evaluation of our process or design, then it will make us stronger and more efficient in the future.


Feedback and suggestions are great, but where we go a step further is incorporating them into future designs.  Do you have a specific need that isn’t being addressed with available products?  Every single innovation we’ve pursued has been to address a customer need.  We want you to be a part of our creative process from start to finish.

A Lifetime Commitment

When we say we support you with a lifetime warranty, that doesn't mean “with proof of purchase” (who saves a receipt for 15 years?!), or limited only to the original owner.  If our product ever malfunctions, we want to figure out why it happened and fix it.  Period.

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