Rollers for Service Diagnostics

Bike Rollers for Service Departments

Attention Bike Mechanics!

This one tip will make you the most consistent and trustworthy bike mechanic in your area.

Bike rollers are the perfect tool for your service area.  With the customer present, you can ride their bike and replicate their issue, find the source of the problem, and determine the solution.  There are several benefits to this method:

1.  The issue is discovered with the customer present - they can help determine the source.  In addition, several mechanics can work on diagnosing the problem at once.  By the time your cusotmer leaves the store, they will have full confidence that their problem will be fixed.

2.  Less time spent diagnosing - you will not spend hours searching for a mysterious noise in the bottom bracket only to find it's the seatpost.

Rollers can also be used for diagnostics during bad weather, or for shops with limited outdoor space.

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