"Virtual Power" on SportCrafters Rollers

Don’t want to spend the money on a power meter, but still want to train indoors with power?   TrainerRoad.com works with SportCrafters rollers to give you structured indoor VirtualPower™ workouts.  TrainerRoad gives you live power, cadence and heart rate data on your computer with target power outputs.

The magic between TrainerRoad and SportCrafters is that TrainerRoad uses SportCrafters power curves generated from our bike dyno and translates speed to power on the fly.  This lets you work out just like you had a power meter at a fraction of the cost.

See TrainerRoad in action: http://sportcrafters.com/trainerroad-workouts

This all works due to the power curve of our two aluminum rollers:

a) the SportCrafters ZRO 100 Cadence Roller with the external Mag Unit on setting #5 {listed in trainerroad.com as: (Beta) Sportscrafters Alu Rollers + mag 5} or

b) the SportCrafters ZRO110 OverDrive Pro Rollers {listed in trainerroad.com as:  SportCrafters Progressive Rollers}

What you will need:

  1. A SportCrafters Cadence Roller (ZRO100) or OverDrive Pro Roller (ZRO110)
  2. ANT+ Speed Sensor (or Speed/Cadence Sensor)
  3. ANT+ USB Stick
  4. A Mac or PC
  5. A Membership to TrainerRoad.com

Get started with TrainerRoad today. You'll find over 300 structured workouts, multiple training plans and video tutorials to get you going on all the great features the software offers. You'll never lose your workout data again, all of your workouts synced online in the cloud.

To learn more about TrainerRoad and how this training system works head over to www.trainerroad.com.

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