TSA and the Omnium Trainer

Omnium Trainer

"It's good to go."

On Friday, September 27th, we met with a local Security Manager with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding the Omnium Trainer.  We wanted to get an expert opinion about whether or not this bike trainer could (in general) be taken on to an airplane as a carry-on item. 

When she first saw the trainer, she did not see any major red flags.  She did, however, warn that airport security is a "risk-based approach"; in other words, it depends on who is traveling with the item, what else they are carrying with it, whether they can explain what the item is and what it will be used for, etc.  She took photos and a brochure, and told us she would ask for feedback from her supervisors.

We have just learned that all 6 of her supervisors said that they would allow the Omnium Trainer in carry-on baggage.  Our local expert explained, "As long as the individual gives us no reason that the item would be used for anything other than its purpose - it's good to go."

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