Letter from a Customer

We love hearing from our customers when they start using their SportCrafters product. To know that something we built by hand is being used for its intended purpose, and even exceeding expectations... that's just awesome. Stephen Colbert of Colbert Cycles in the UK just sent us a very nice letter:

"This is just a quick update to say that we...cannot say enough good things about the product!!

As we seem to be on the road so much going to and from events, the Omnium Trainers were bought to enable fast but efficient warmups and cool downs. BUT, we have since moved on to using the Omnium for out and out training sessions! Its actually replaced the turbo trainer totally, we can fit more trainers in the vehicle and are getting up to 650watts out of them, which is fine and even fantastic for a good TT training session.

We are a relatively small company and race team so really were struggling to bring all the kit on flights. The Omnium means we can pack a bike bag, Omnium in the bottom with bike and kit ontop and still fit the 30kg flight bag requirement. Life saver!"

Feel free to send us any comments, concerns, compliments, product ideas, improvements, suggestions, random thoughts and good jokes: info@sportcrafters.com We would love to hear from you, too!

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